Tradewave launches Scribe, the first natural language trading strategy editor

We're also coming out of beta and announcing funding.

Tradewave is an automated trading platform for Bitcoin. Our goal is to open up automated trading to everyone, by providing simple, easy-to-use tools so that anyone can build their own successful trading strategies.

We enable you to backtest your strategy across historical market data to simulate how it might perform under real market conditions. When you’re ready, trade live with real funds in just a few clicks.

We are pleased to announce that Tradewave is coming out of beta and launching Scribe, the first tool of its kind for building your own trading strategies in plain English. No coding required.

First, some context

There’s an ever-growing tools gap between retail and institutional traders. It’s estimated that more than 75% of stock trading on the main US exchanges now originates from automated systems. Practically none of that is coming from retail traders.

Why the discrepancy? Automated trading is inaccessible to the general public because it’s too technical (you need programming knowledge) and the real-time data required is prohibitively expensive to gain access to (you need money).

Much of the talent and innovation in trading in recent years has been concentrated on shaving off microseconds from high-frequency trades, much less on opening up this technology to average traders.

Let’s take the web as an analogy. It used to be difficult to build your own website. Only professionals and keen hobbyists had the coding knowledge to do it competently. But these days it’s a solved problem and anyone can use a visual tool like Squarespace to publish his or her own site in a matter of minutes.

Introducing Scribe, a tool to build trading strategies in plain English

This is where we come in.

Unlike stocks, trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies only requires an account at one of the many exchanges. You don’t need to apply for a brokerage account with minimum equity requirements and confusing fee structures.

Tradewave started out as an easy way for those with programming knowledge to build Bitcoin trading strategies using the Python programming language. We provide clean data, charts and reliable order execution.

But we discovered a problem. Most people can’t code (although some do learn Python just to use the platform) meaning that our audience would always be quite limited.

Our solution is Scribe, a trading strategy editor that requires no coding knowledge. You describe your strategy in simple English sentences.

A screenshot of the Scribe editor

Scribe lets you combine arbitrary logic, indicators, prices, volumes and other data sources in a unique, user-friendly format. Backtesting — a way of simulating how your strategy might perform in real market conditions — only takes a single click.

When you’re happy with your strategy, link an exchange account and trade live in a few more clicks.

Funding announcement

Today we’re also happy to announce that Tradewave is backed by the Digital Currency Group, lead by SecondMarket founder and creator of the Bitcoin Investment Trust, Barry Silbert.

The Digital Currency Group has invested in 40+ leading companies in the cryptocurrency space, including industry leaders Coinbase, BitPay and Circle.

The road ahead

Tradewave is lucky to host a fledgling community of traders sharing strategies, ideas, indicators and other resources. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the willingness of our users to share their work and we would like to foster and encourage it as much as we can.

We’re planning to continually improve our trading engine by rolling out support for more exchanges, longer historical backtesting data and full order book access.

We will also be releasing an Android app within the next few weeks, bringing automated trading to mobile for the first time. Watch this space for an announcement.

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